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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

  • Alumni Design Project

    Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the 2nd annual SHPE Alumni Design Project! For those who do not know, this is a summer project opportunity. You will be placed into teams, each under a SHPE alumni, to design and possibly create a product or concept. That project will be determined by the alumni but they are open to suggestions by our members. You will meet with your team over the summer and present your research/design every month to other groups and alumni. At the beginning of the semester you will present and showcase your final project.
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  • Resume Review

    As previously mentioned, here is where you may submit your resume to e-board for review. By submitting your resume here, you are telling us that you are open to having your professional resume reviewed by your peers/student leaders. As your Executive Board, we are committing ourselves to having no fewer than two of our executive members commenting/editing/reviewing your resume in no more than two weeks’ time.

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  • Jr. Chapter Suggestions

    Hi SHPE familia!
    One of the pillars of SHPE is to outreach and promote STEM. We as the Jr. Chapter Committee work in creating relationships with High Schools in hope of establishing a Chapter at the High School level. We are asking for your help to recruit potential schools that will benefit from establishing a SHPE Jr. Chapter. If you have any contact information from your former high school or younger siblings high schools please share it with us. If you have multiple schools, just fill out the form for each school. Thank you we greatly appreciate it! 🙂 – Jr. Chapter Committee

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Quarter Events Recap

March 29th, 2018 - April 20th, 2018

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd General Meeting of the Quarter
  • Region 2 RLDC
  • TPumps Sale
  • Family Stem Day
  • Sports and BBQ Day
  • Pupusa Sale
  • Banquet

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