Next General Meeting: TBD
Location: 15-1807


SHPE is a successful organization because of the many individuals that support it, such as our advisors. It is with their guidance and support that allows all of our members to truly achieve the goals that encompass SHPE as, The Source for Quality Hispanic Engineers and Technical Talent.

Omar E. Mora

Arturo Covarrubias

2018-2019 Executive Board


Kimberly Coronel


Nicole Luna

Executive VP

Raul Munguia


Armando Gracia

Co-Vice President

Vanessa Armenta

Club Representative

Angel Moreno

Committee List


    • Academic Networking:
    • Academic Networking is in charge of setting up study sessions, semana de estudios, and other events.


    • Banquet:
    • Banquet is in charge of organizing the end of the year Banquet. This committee requires members to work together to put a fun, professional event while trying to manage a budget. Major tasks include:selecting a venue, graduation stoles, selecting DJ, decorations and creation of program.


    • Conference:
    • Those in conference committee organize and prepare members for the National and Regional conferences. For this committee, it is preferred that you have attended at least one of the conferences.


    • Hospitality:
    • The Hospitality committee is responsible for deciding, picking up and delivering the food for the general meetings.


    • Membership Development:
    • This committee organizes the creative, social events for the members to bond and have fun. Such events include Freshman Day, Broomball, and more.


    • SHPEtinas:
    • SHPEtinas promotes the success of our female members in a male dominated field. Events and programs should be inclusive of all people and encourage all to work towards a collaborative future in industry. Girl Talk is one of the major events hosted each quarter.




    • Alumni:
    • Alumni is in charge of setting up events exclusive for SHPE Alumni, inviting them to participate in any club events, and encouraging them to interact with current members.


    • Chapter Relations:


    • Engineering and Science:
    • This committee creates fun and exciting hands on activities for the members to take part in, such as the solar powered car and windmill build. They also create outreach events and activities.


    • Industry Relations:
    • Industry Relations is in charge of communicating and coordinating presenters, tours, and sponsorships from industry. One of the biggest challenges that Industry Relations is tasked with is hosting Breakfast with Industry (BWI) in Fall, so summer is your heaviest season because you start cold calling and planning for BWI.


    • MentorSHPE:
    • MentorSHPE is in charge of, recruiting mentors for SHPE and Jr. Chapter, planning events for SHPE mentors and their mentees. They also host events for both Undergrad and Professional MentorSHPE branches.


    • Sports:
    • Sports is in charge of selecting what intramural teams SHPE will have, as well as arranging the times for
      each sport. In addition, the committee is also responsible for organizing a one day sporting tournament against other clubs or chapters.



    • Advance Careers in Engineering:
    • ACE is in charge of contacting and setting up outreach events with other schools as a team. As well as setting up other events like Family STEM DAY.


    • Community Service:
    • Community Service is in charge of setting up and encouraging members to participate in events that make a positive difference in our community. Examples of this include LA Food Bank and volunteering at homeless shelters.


    • Fundraising:
    • This committee organizes fun and interesting events that help raise money for the club. Events range from TV Tapings to on-campus food sales and more.


    • Jr. Chapter:
    • Jr. Chapter is in charge of maintaining the relationship with our current Jr. Chapters as well as working closely with ACE to seek out future chapters. Jr Chapter sets up “Mini SHPEs” at high schools. May work with MentorSHPE and community service to establish mentoring programs for K-12 schools.


    • Publicity:
    • Attend as many SHPE events as possible and capture the great moments of SHPE via video or snapshot. Newly implemented, this committee will now also be responsible for the advertising of our CPP SHPE chapter on our social media platform which includes Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat.


  • Webmaster:
  • The Webmasters maintain the SHPE website up to date with relevant club information. For this committee, it is preferred that you have some background in coding, specifically html.


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